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About us

We are a specialist insurance brokerage

with an emphasis on adding value to our clients by helping them make an informed decision. Our approach combines that of an insurance broker and consultant, where we focus on providing expert advice to our clients while customising their insurance program and risk management solutions.

Since starting in 2013, KBI is constantly growing and becoming a leader in the Australian market. Our primary point of difference is that we don’t try to be all things to all people.  We work in niche areas, where we can tailor an offering, advice and broker support to meet the specific area’s needs.

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What We Do

Corporate Governance

Professional Lines

KBI specialises in the brokering and advisory of several Professional and Financial Lines Insurance products across numerous industries. These products include: Directors and Officers insurance for public and private companies, Management Liability, Professional Indemnity for a range of consultants/advisors/professionals, Financial Services Professional Indemnity, and Cyber Insurance for all sizes of companies.

KBI is made up of a combination of insurance brokers and business people who have a background in the areas we specialise in: former ASX listing advisors, lawyers, company secretaries, mining practice leaders, cyber and technology insurance leaders and risk managers, among others. This positions us as experts in the areas we focus on and gives us a unique understanding of the clients we work with.

Our clientele includes business owners, company secretaries, executives, corporate advisors, lawyers and consultants, among others. Please select the appropriate section below to learn more about the suitable insurance and our team of brokers.

strata insurance


It’s important to protect your investments from the many risks that affect property in Australia. Whether it is a commercial building, residential strata, or anything in between, having a broker who understands these risks and the process involved is key to the insurance and risk management of a property.

KBI are specialists in various areas of the property sector, including Commercial Property, Industrial Property, Vacant Commercial Property, Residential Strata and Commercial Strata, among others. The foundation of a Property policy is typically Building Insurance and Public Liability, but varies depending on the type of building to insure.

We deal with all types of individuals involved in the insuring process, from developers and property owners, to property/strata managers and council members. Please select the appropriate section below to learn more about the suitable insurance and our team of brokers.

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Mining and Resources

The mining resources space is a unique area when assessing risks, with businesses ranging from sole trading consultants to multi-national mining companies. At KBI, we have positioned ourselves to understand the risk exposures involved in all levels of the mining and resources space, allowing us to provide insurance and risk management advice customised for each one of our clients.

Our team specialises in both the exploration space all the way up to fully operational mining and resources companies, with a focus on: Mining Consultants Insurance, Geoscience Consultants Insurance, Oil & Gas Contractors & Consultants Insurance and Mining & Resources Exploration and Operational Insurance.

We consider each of our client’s operations, activities, size and contractual requirements to arrange specialised coverage that make sense for them. Please select the appropriate section below to learn more about the suitable insurance and our team of brokers.

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Business Insurance

Whether you’re a small business just starting up, or an established company, insuring your business is important. Business insurance is a broad term used to define a variety of insurance products, but usually refers to the general insurances related to the business operations (see our other areas of focus for more “services” based insurance).

Business insurances can include: Public & Products Liability, Workers Compensation, Office Contents and Theft Insurance, Business Interruption, Glass Insurance, Equipment & Machinery, Portable Electronics, Motor, Corporate Travel, Cyber and others.

Our approach can include completing a full risk profile of the company, drilling down on the exposures and contractual requirements that can be transferred to an insurance policy. This process helps the clients understand what is and isn’t covered by insurance and helps them make an overall informed decision when securing their insurance.

KBI is made up of a combination of insurance brokers and business people, which gives us a unique understanding of our clients and the things that are important to them. To find out more and to speak to us directly, please click the below.

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Client Testimonials

Minerva Corporate

"We have been working with Travis, Nick and the team at KBI for a number of years and have always been impressed with the quality of their service, their understanding of the market, and value they can offer our clients."

Dan Smith
Commercial Director

Riverside Resources Inc.

Travis does excellent work in designing insurance that fits diverse clients and diverse needs. We have used their insurance for three years and it has provided solid coverage.

John-Mark Staude
CEO & President

R. Anderson & Associates Inc.

Travis and his group has been providing insurance to our junior mining companies for several years and he has provided us with outstanding service over that time. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, is very personable and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his team for business or personal insurance needs.

Robert Anderson

Endeavour Silver

"Travis was always good at being straight up with answers and getting information for us and presenting it in a way that was clear and concise."

Godfrey Walton
President and Chief Operating Officer

MAC Strata Management

"I have found the KBI team great to deal with as their process is simple and the level of service is excellent. Having a single point of contact to access all insurers saves me time and makes my job that much easier, as well as ensuring we get good value for our clients. I would definitely recommend using their services."

Tom Rawle
Strata Assets Manager

Coastal Contacts

"In a world of increasing complexity and risk, Travis has a rare ability to distil decisions down to the factors which are most important and most relevant. Over the past 8 years of working closely with him, I have learned to trust his experience and instinct as it relates to a variety of insurance products. I enthusiastically endorse Travis and his work.

Nick Bozikis
Chief Financial Officer

HSEQ Capital

"I have now been working with KBI since I was introduced to the team in November 2014. Their support and advice has been second to none. I am wrapped to see this part of the business expanding and would suggest to anyone who works in this field as a HSEQ Consultant or Safety Professional to touch base with the KBI Team as a starting point. Well done guys!"

Klae Deeg
Managing Director

HWL Ebsworth

"Through my many dealings with Travis and the KBI team, I have seen firsthand their high level of service and expertise. They have proven themselves to be leaders in the field of Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance and I regularly refer our publicly traded clients to them for advice and the appropriate insurances."

Bryn Hardcastle
Managing Director

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