At KBI, our primary point of difference is that we are a combination of insurance brokers and business people.

This allows us to better understand our client’s business and insurance needs, which helps us to customise their insurance program and risk management solutions.

KBI is a full-service commercial insurance brokerage, with the following focus areas:

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance

As a Director and Officer of a Public, Private or not-for-profit entity, you will have certain obligations, duties and responsibilities that may expose you to certain personal liabilities. Learn how Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance provides effective protection, and what considerations are important when buying a D&O insurance policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

As a Property Owner, Developer or Property Manager, it is important to ensure that yours or your client’s asset is insured with the most relevant cover, tailored to the specific needs of each property. Knowing about the pressure points of Commercial Property Insurance can enable you to make an informed decision.

Strata Insurance

As a Strata Manager, Council Member or Strata Owner, it is important to ensure that your asset is protected with the most relevant cover, tailored to the specific needs of each property. Knowing about the key areas of a Strata Insurance policy can enable you to make an informed decision.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you are a business that provides professional services and advice, you need to protect yourself and business from potential disputes. Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance is a cost effective way to transfer the risk of a potential mistake or error that could cause damages to your business and/or legal fees.

Mining & Resources Insurance

Mining companies vary in size from junior exploration to large multinational producers, so naturally the insurance needs of each mining company vary significantly depending on where they are in the life cycle, jurisdiction and many other factors. Having an in-depth understanding of the key mining risks enables us to work with our clients to help them make an informed decision on insurance and risk transfer solutions.

Business Insurance

Whether you are a large public company or a small sole proprietor, you have certain risks to your business that need to be protected by insurance. Every business has its own unique risk profile and that is why our team specialises in customising insurance programmes for our clients that properly transfers the risks, minimises the costs and complies with any necessary requirements.

"I have been working with the Property Team at KBI for some time now and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they make my job as a property manager easier. They have always managed to improve the cost and/or the cover on all the policies I have sent through. Their level of service is fantastic, especially the claims process and enquiry response time.

I’d recommend Phil Hughes and the team at KBI to anybody who works in the commercial property industry if they have any insurance requirements."

Tami Bennett Property & Strata Manager - JLL

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