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Why Do Cleantech Companies Need Specialist Insurance? Cleantech is a rapidly expanding industry. Every year there are new technologies, new breakthroughs and, as a result, new risks. Generic business insurance products do not offer adequate cover for the unique risks associated with working in clean technology.

KBI can help you find the right insurer for your cleantech business. On your behalf, KBI will:

Complete a comprehensive risk assessment.

Create a cost-effective insurance programme tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Who is cleantech insurance for?

Appropriate insurance is a must-have for all clean technology and green technology businesses.

Relevant business areas:
Solar power and batteries
Wind power
Geothermal power
Renewable fuels
Energy efficiency, storage and transportation
Relevant business activities:
Manufacture and supply
Solar farming and wind farming
Renewable energy property owners
Project management
Construction and installation
Software development and design
Need help understanding the type of coverage you need or don’t know where to start?

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What coverage does a cleantech business need?

Cover for assets and operations

Covers the repair or replacement of assets that are lost or accidentally damaged. We can tailor your policy to include cover for data loss, R&D property and stock.

➤ Cargo insurance

Covers the repair or replacement of property that is lost or damaged in transit.

➤ Business interruption insurance

Covers lost revenue if your business cannot operate due to an insured event like fire or theft. In some cases, you can claim extra costs associated with continuing to operate instead.

➤ Cyber insurance

Covers costs and losses incurred as result of cyberattacks. This can include malware attacks, cyber extortion and social engineering.

Liability cover

➤ Public and product liability insurance

Covers legal fees and settlement costs if your products or business activities cause third-party injury or property damage.

➤ Professional indemnity insurance (aka errors and omissions cover)

Covers legal fees and settlement costs if your negligence or error results in third-party financial loss.

➤ Environment liability insurance

If your business causes sudden and accidental environmental damage, your environmental liability policy can cover clean-up and other related costs.

➤ Contract works cover (aka contracts all risk cover)

Combines third-party cover for construction-related injury and property damage with cover for accidental damage to a project under construction.

Cover for employees and decision-makers

Covers your company’s top decision-makers for risks associated with operating a business. This includes losses related to legal breaches, tax audits, allegations of mismanagement and identity fraud.

➤ Business travel cover

Provides your employees with cover for a range of travel-related risks. This typically includes medical costs, emergency repatriation, personal baggage, trip cancellation and delays.

➤ Employer liability insurance

If an employee takes legal action against your business, employer liability insurance covers legal fees and settlement costs.

➤ Workers compensation and personal accident cover

Covers medical fees, lost wages and compensation when an employee is injured at work.

Claims Example

An employee is performing wind turbine maintenance at a work site. They are ascending a turbine when their harness malfunctions and they fall.

Insurance Response:

The employer’s group travel insurance policy covers the cost of transporting the employee for treatment.

The employer’s worker compensation policy covers the employee’s medical treatment and wages while he is off work.

The employer’s group personal accident policy provides further compensation to the injured employee.

A contractor is installing machinery at a PV cell factory. When he tests the machinery, it malfunctions. Nearby stock is ruined. The factory’s toxic-waste processing system breaks and begins to leak. The factory is shut for two days while repairs take place.

Insurance Response:

The factory pursues the contractor for the stock loss as a result of the malfunction. The malfunction is found to be the result of the contractor's negligence and his public liability insurance responds to legal fees and settlement costs.

What’s Next?

Let us tailor a program that best suits your business needs.

Why Work With KBI?

When you work with the KBI technology insurance team, you have cleantech insurance experts on your side. On your behalf we can:

Perform a full risk assessment and insurance review.

Create comprehensive and cost-effective insurance solutions tailored to your business’s needs.

Help you understand your insurance cover, including areas of exposure.

Keep you up-to-date on cleantech industry developments and their insurance implications.

If you need to make a claim, we can help make the process smooth. Our claim services include:

Speaking with the insurers on your behalf.

Making sure that you receive the full amount that you are entitled to.

Making sure that the claims process is as quick and easy-to-understand as possible.

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