"I have been working with the Property Team at KBI for some time now and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they make my job as a property manager easier. They have always managed to improve the cost and/or the cover on all the policies I have sent through. Their level of service is fantastic, especially the claims process and enquiry response time.

I’d recommend Phil Hughes and the team at KBI to anybody who works in the commercial property industry if they have any insurance requirements."

Tami Bennett Property & Strata Manager - JLL

"We have been very impressed with the service and knowledge provided by KBI; they really understand our business and our clients’ businesses. We recommend them to our clients as they focus specifically on public companies and know the insurance needs at each stage of the business cycle both pre and post listing and across various industries. KBI has an in-depth knowledge of Directors' & Officers' insurance and are one of the few WA brokerages that also understand the insurance needs in Canada & the USA."

Elizabeth Hunt Managing Director - Mining Corporate

"Being a Property/Strata Manager in a demanding boutique real estate agency my time management is enormously important. Phil and the KBI team offer a solution to outsource the insurance policies for my clients, providing multiple options which allow the Strata Companies to make an informed decision for the best policies for their property.

KBI also assist with the processing of claims, recommend trades and services for those unexpected after hours emergencies and at the renewal of existing policies again send through quotes so my clients are offered the best policies in this very competitive market. Their process saves me time and allows me to focus on my clients in other areas.

For quality and friendly customer service KBI is a company highly recommended by myself and the agency in which I am employed."

Lisa Myles-Taylor Property/Strata Manager - Lansbury & Associates

"I have found the KBI team great to deal with as their process is simple and the level of service is excellent. Having a single point of contact to access all insurers saves me time and makes my job that much easier, as well as ensuring we get good value for our clients. I would definitely recommend using their services."

Tom Rawle Strata Assets Manager - MAC Strata Management

"The KBI Directors' & Officers' team are my go to insurance brokers for publicly traded companies that I am involved with.  They are one of the few brokerages that passionately understand the junior public company space.  The explanation and comparison they provide makes it easy for our key executives to make an informed decision.  I regularly recommend their services to other public companies in need of Directors' & Officers' insurance and other operational insurances."

Eddie King Representative - CPS Capital

"Since being introduced to KBI, I have found their professionalism to be second to none in the industry. I strongly recommend KBI as the insurance broker of choice regarding Commercial Property Insurance. They know the Commercial sector inside out and operate on a different level to any other broker I’ve worked with. When it comes to service, they always go above and beyond and ensure my clients are provided with the best available insurance options every year - 10/10."

Toby Bridges Director - CBRE Asia Pacific

"Working with the team at KBI to arrange our cover has been a hassle free and straight forward process. KBI took the time to understand our professional duty in the provision of professional services.

Whether or not you provide professional services in-house or engage external consultants, we would confidently recommend KBI to other professional services and consultants."

Sarah Bocking General Manager - Registered Standards International (RSI)

“Another great experience working with KBI. Thanks for your work.”

Adam Elliston Director - Australian Resource Exploration

“We have been impressed with KBI’s experience and knowledge in the area of D&O insurance.  They have helped several of our clients with insurance advice on new IPO’s and RTO’s and we consider them a partner in the listing process.”

Simon Jenkins Director - Price Sierakowski

"Through my many dealings with Travis and the KBI team, I have seen firsthand their high level of service and expertise. They have proven themselves to be leaders in the field of Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance and I regularly refer our publicly traded clients to them for advice and the appropriate insurances."

Bryn Hardcastle Managing Director - Bellanhouse

"Travis was always good at being straight up with answers and getting information for us and presenting it in a way that was clear and concise."

Godfrey Walton President and Chief Operating Officer - Endeavour Silver

"I have now been working with KBI since I was introduced to the team in November 2014. Their support and advice has been second to none. I am wrapped to see this part of the business expanding and would suggest to anyone who works in this field as a HSEQ Consultant or Safety Professional to touch base with the KBI Team as a starting point. Well done guys!"

Klae Deeg Managing Director - HSEQ Capital

"In a world of increasing complexity and risk, Travis has a rare ability to distil decisions down to the factors which are most important and most relevant. Over the past 8 years of working closely with him, I have learned to trust his experience and instinct as it relates to a variety of insurance products. I enthusiastically endorse Travis and his work."

Nick Bozikis Chief Financial Officer - Coastal Contacts