What is Management Liability Insurance?

Management Liability is a packaged product made up of several coverage sections customised for directors and officers of private companies. It is often referred to as “Directors & Officers Insurance for Private Companies” but it is actually more than that, as it packages up several important coverages in a single product. Management Liability Insurance policies are broken down into several sections that cover off a range of risk exposures affecting the directors of private companies. These include:

Allegations of mismanagement

Employment Practices Liability (harassment, wrongful dismissal, etc.)

Crime (employee fraud or dishonesty third party crime, etc.),

Statutory Liability (can include fines & penalties related to OHS workers compensation, etc.)

Tax Audit Costs (the costs associated with receiving a tax audit)

Identity Fraud Expenses (obtaining new documents, etc.) and more.

What does Management Liability Insurance Cover?

Main Coverages

➤ Management Liability / Directors and Officers Liabilities

This section provides cover for the mismanagement of the company resulting in a legal action (lawsuit) against the company’s directors & officers.

➤ Corporate Liability / Company Reimbursement

This section of the policy provides cover for the same claims scenarios as Section 1 (ML/D&O) but is only triggered when the Company has had to indemnify (pay) a Director/Officer for a claim.

➤ Statutory Liability / Fines & Penalties

This section provides fines and penalties cover for the directors/officers when there has been an alleged statutory breach. Examples of these are workplace health & safety, employment practices laws, workers compensation laws, environmental protection authority, spam and privacy laws, industry specific rules & regulations, etc.

➤ Crime Protection

Management liability insurance covers a range of crime related occurrences when there has been a direct financial loss. This can include employee fraud or dishonesty, third party crime, electronic and computer crime, destruction and damage of money, crime by shareholders, etc.

➤ Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

This section covers the directors/officers for an alleged Employment Practices breach. These can include wrongful/unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination, bullying, whistle-blower, etc.

Additional Coverages

➤ Tax Audit Costs
➤ Identity Fraud Expenses
➤ Inquiry / Prosecution / Crisis Costs
➤ Pollution Defence Costs

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Claims Example

Minority Shareholders

Proceedings were commenced by the minority shareholders against a clothing store chain and its majority shareholder. The minority shareholders alleged that their interests had been unfairly prejudiced by a recent share option, which was uncommercial and diluted their interests. An order was sought that the majority shareholder or the business acquires their respective interests at a specific price per share.

The matter settled on the first day of hearing on the basis that the majority shareholder agreed to buy the minority shareholders’ interests at an agreed price on a without prejudice basis. The clothing store chain was advanced Defence Costs and incurred a total of $725,000.

Breach of Contract

A company is sued by its former agents after it terminates their contracts in order to replace them with fulltime staff. The agents sue for non-payment of commission. Overall settlement and defence costs reached 6 figures.

Breach of the Work Health and Safety Act

A construction company faced allegations that it had failed to ensure that employees of sub-contractors were not placed at risk of injury from the use of a mobile crane, in breach of the Work Health and Safety Act. The construction company was investigated by the relevant authorities and a claim was filed.

The construction company incurred a fine of $100,000 and defence costs of $150,000.

Licensing breach

An investigation finds that a hotel has breached the maximum capacity specified by its Liquor Licence. A 5 figure penalty is payable.

Licensing breach

A company is prosecuted following an accidental breach of regulations concerning a protected wetland site. No damage is identified and there is no finding of a deliberate contravention or motivation to save costs. While a 7 figure corporate penalty is possible, a guilty plea for the accidental breach results in a 5 figure penalty.

Wrongful dismissal

A senior employee is dismissed after lodging complaints of bullying and aggressive conduct by the managing director. Complaints are also made of racial discrimination and disability discrimination. Action is commenced in the Federal Court and the matter is settled for a 6 figure sum.

Unfair dismissal

A pregnant employee is dismissed for non-attendance. The manager who dismissed her says he was not aware of her pregnancy – although the company fails to reverse this decision when the employee produces confirmation from her G.P. The case is settled for a 5 figure sum.


A female employee is made redundant. She complains her line manager constantly belittled and insulted her in front of colleagues with cutting remarks and offensive comments. The case is settled for a 4 figure sum.


An employee complains of being asked to form an unacceptably close relationship with a client. The employee claims that once they refused, they were dismissed. The case is settled for a 5 figure sum.

Fraud by a lone employee

An employee who processes invoices also has access to the supplier creation system. The employee sees that when invoices are approved for payment, the financial controller examines the largest payment in detail and then signs the rest. The employee creates a false supplier and makes many small payments totaling thousands of dollars over several months.

Fraud by internal collusion

A quality control manager labels undamaged goods as substandard to be marked for disposal. His accomplice, the company’s stock manager, arranges for the “faulty” goods to be removed from the premises and the goods are sold off in pubs and on internet auction sites.

Fraud by an employee colluding with customer

An employee is empowered to negotiate discounts with clients up to 20%. He approaches his closest clients and agrees that their current discounts of 5% can be quadrupled on the understanding that the additional discount is split between client and salesman.



can hold Directors and Officers liable for numerous wrongful acts, such as misleading/deceptive or inaccurate disclosures, not acting in the best interest of shareholders, misappropriation of company funds, errors and omissions in financial reports and many others.

Regulatory authorities

can conduct investigations and initiate claims against directors and officers for breaches for OH&S, financial markets misconduct and environmental breaches; just to name a few.


claims can consist from wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, failure to promote, discrimination, unsafe working environment and other employment-related risks.


claims can consist of the company itself being defrauded by employees or third parties (customers/suppliers) suing for employee dishonesty or fraud.


can sue for misleading or deceptive conduct or third- party Employment Practices Liability claims.


can claim for allegations of being misled or trading whilst insolvent.

** These claims examples have been provided by AIG Australia Limited and Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited **

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Quote Requirements for Management Liability Insurance

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Annual turnover of company

Number of employees and directors

Details of operations and business activities

Structure of company: subsidiary, locations, overseas exposures

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