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We are a specialist insurance brokerage with an emphasis on adding value to our clients by helping them make an informed decision.

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KBI is committed to working in partnership with industry, government and private entities to improve the products and services we offer our clients. The partnerships we have developed, and continue to create, demonstrate our ability to work with other organisations to deliver high-quality insurance services.
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Steadfast brokers together form Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of general insurance brokers and are well positioned to look after your insurance needs.

Over the years, Steadfast brokers have stood by Australian business owners and managers through thick, thin and in between. In FY16, Steadfast brokers proudly managed more than 2 million insurance policies, driven by a commitment to making them work for all kinds of business.

This allows Steadfast to develop custom policies and services only available to their broker network, which ensures KBI has a competitive advantage for its clients.

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Australian Institute
of Geoscientists

The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) is the leading professional institute representing geoscientists employed in all sectors of industry, education, research and government throughout Australia. AIG is a not for profit organisation, run by members for members, which aims to advance the skills, status and public perception of more than 3,000 members both within Australia and overseas.

KBI Insurance has worked closely with AIG and its network of insurers to customise an insurance facility and services to benefit the AIG members.

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Activate Perth

Activate Perth is about bringing residents, businesses and property owners together to champion new ideas, create new momentum and drive more vibrancy, life and action in our city. Their program, Fill this Space, is to support creative enterprise in vacant City of Perth spaces.

KBI and Activate Perth have teamed up to provide participants with a competitive insurance offering for the Fill This Space program.

Queensland Exploration Council Logo

Queensland Exploration

Launched in 2010 as a not-for-profit initiative of the Queensland Resources Council, the Queensland Exploration Council focuses on investment attraction initiatives that showcase Queensland as a leading investment destination.

KBI works with the QEC to help its members with their insurance and risk management requirements.