What is Mining Contractors Insurance?

Mining contractor insurance and mining subcontractor insurance is a form of packaged coverage that caters specifically to contractors who offer their products and services into the mining industry. Organisations in this space are often required to meet stringent insurance coverage guidelines set by larger corporations when tendering or signing contractual agreements.

What Coverages are Available?

We consider each client’s operations, activities, size and contractual requirements to arrange specialised coverage that make sense. See below for a brief snapshot of the coverages available to mining contractors and mining subcontractors:

This cover protects against claims that are caused by your professional advice which may give rise to a financial loss.

Public Liability

This cover protects against claims made for property damage and personal injury to third parties caused by your negligent acts.

Product Liability

This cover protects against claims that are caused by your products (production, supply, or sale) if they cause property damage or personal injury to a third party.

Property & Business Interruption

Property and contents coverage for your business equipment, tools of trade and office contents (with the option to extend to Worldwide, if required).

This cover is designed to protect the directors, officers, managers and employees against legal action from shareholders, employees, regulators, creditors, competitors, liquidators and others.

Cyber insurance can be customised to offer cover for cyber event response costs, business interruption, digital asset replacement, breach costs, cyber extortion/threat, e-theft and third-party liability from a privacy or cyber breach.

Corporate Travel

Annual combined Business & Leisure coverage while travelling around Australia or Overseas – includes coverage for medical expenses and baggage/contents.

Workers’ Compensation

This coverage is mandatory where you have hired employees, but could be beneficial for operations with Sub-Contractors and/or Working Directors.

Personal Accident & Sickness

Assists in the financial loss resulting from permanent disability or death caused by accidental injury, or temporary disablement due to an accident, injury or sickness.

Kidnap & Ransom

Protection and assistance in the case of kidnap, ransom, extortion, and detention, while operating both overseas and locally.


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What Types of Mining Contractors do we help arrange insurance for?

We understand that the mining contractor space is a diverse and complicated industry. In saying that, we have customised insurance coverages to suit the various types of mining contractors and mining industry services in Australia, including the following:

Mining Consultants

Engineering Firms



Heavy Haulage


Mining Services

Drill & Blast

Heavy Diesel Mechanics

Transport & Logistics

Environmental Investigation & Audit Services

What are the key benefits to working with KBI?

1. We understand the risks involved in the mining industry and customise our insurance offerings to protect against these risks and comply with the industry regulatory requirements.

2. We have built relationships with specialised insurers that focus on Mining Contractors and provide customised coverage to suit the specific needs of each consultant.

3. We are specialists in tailoring business insurance packages and managing the claims and notification processes.

4. We provide complete insurance risk profiles customised to each client, outlining which risks are transferred and which risks are self-insured.

5. We provide coverage, limit and excess analysis to assist clients in understanding their insurance policies and help in making informed decisions to protect their business.

6. We help clients make an informed decision by answering the following questions:

– What’s covered?

– What’s excluded?

– What limit should we buy?

– When do we report changes, claims, circumstances, etc.?


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Why should I contact KBI Specialist Insurance Brokers?

The KBI team has experience arranging insurance for over 300 mining companies headquartered in Australia and North America. We have arranged insurance for companies of all sizes, from small private exploration firms to large multinational producers. We have unique experience in understanding the insurance requirements in both Australasia and North America and work closely with you to understand your individual requirements. We pride ourselves on helping our clients make an informed decision at each part of the process – whether that is budgeting, insurability, placement, risk management controls and claims management.

Mining Contractors & Subcontractors Insurance Team

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Account Director | Mining
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Mining and Resources Testimonials

Australian Resource Exploration

“Another great experience working with KBI. Thanks for your work.”

Adam Elliston

Coastal Contacts

"In a world of increasing complexity and risk, Travis has a rare ability to distil decisions down to the factors which are most important and most relevant. Over the past 8 years of working closely with him, I have learned to trust his experience and instinct as it relates to a variety of insurance products. I enthusiastically endorse Travis and his work.

Nick Bozikis
Chief Financial Officer

HSEQ Capital

"I have now been working with KBI since I was introduced to the team in November 2014. Their support and advice has been second to none. I am wrapped to see this part of the business expanding and would suggest to anyone who works in this field as a HSEQ Consultant or Safety Professional to touch base with the KBI Team as a starting point. Well done guys!"

Klae Deeg
Managing Director

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