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Construction Insurance

Construction is a high-risk industry. A small construction accident or professional lapse in judgement can lead to significant damage and have serious legal and financial implications for your business. KBI’s experienced team can help you understand Construction Insurance’s complexities and appropriately manage your business’s risk. We will work with you to complete a full risk analysis and tailor an insurance solution to fit your needs.

Who is Construction Insurance for?

Construction Insurance is a must-have for anyone who works or consults on construction.

Relevant business activities:
Commercial and residential builders
Trade contractors and sub-contractors
Civil contractors and sub-contractors
Land and building surveyors
Quantity surveyors

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What coverage is available?

We work with construction companies to create insurance solutions that suit their needs. Depending on the company or project, this might include:

Construction Insurance

➤ Contract Works

Covers loss or damage to projects under construction.

➤ Third-Party Liability

Covers your liability for personal injury & property damage.

➤ Contractors Plant & Equipment Insurance

Covers tools and unregistered plant. This can include excavators, cranes, bobcats, scissor lifts, hand tools, loaders, forklifts, and more.

➤ Professional Indemnity

Offers protections concerning incorrect advice, design, or specification. Policies are available for construction professionals and builders involved in design & construction projects.

General Business Coverage

Construction businesses need more than construction-related cover. They also need cover for the regular risks associated with running a business. This includes:

Workers Compensation Cover
Cyber Insurance — protects against losses resulting from hacking, extortion, data privacy, and system damage
Office Contents and Property Insurance
Directors & Officers Insurance
Statutory Liability Cover – includes health & safety investigation and defence costs
Employment Practices Liability Cover
Cover for costs related to a crime – including employee theft of money, property, or securities
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Corporate Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

Specialty Products

Surety Bonds
Trade Credit Insurance
Contractors Pollution Liability Cover
Airside Liability Cover
Marine Cargo / Goods in Transit Cover
Key Man, Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection, and Business Expenses Insurance

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Service Offering

Negotiation & Broking
Coverage Analysis & Recommendations
Contractual Reviews
Claims Assistance & Mangement
Risk Mangement & Profiling
Quarterly or Semi-Annual Meetings
Communication Updates
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Claims Example

A mobile crane falls over at a construction site due to incorrectly placed outriggers. The falling crane damages the project under construction and an adjacent building.
Insurance Response:

The construction company’s Contract Works Insurance will cover the damage to the project.

The construction company’s Public Liability Insurance will cover third-party property damage.

Workers are pouring concrete at a construction site. The site is next to a parking lot, and concrete splatters on several cars.
Insurance Response:

The construction company’s Public Liability Insurance will cover repair costs and rental vehicle expenses.

Thieves break into a commercial construction site. They steal electric cabling and rip installed fixtures from the walls.
Insurance Response:

The construction company’s Contract Works Insurance will cover the cost of repairing the work-site and replacing the stolen items.

A worker is moving poorly secured materials around a construction site using a forklift. The materials fall off the forklift and injure a contractor. The contractor is unable to work for six weeks. They pursue the company in charge of the construction site for damages.
Insurance Response:

The construction company’s Public Liability Insurance will cover investigation expenses, legal expenses, and any damages payable to the injured contractor.

A recently-completed building fails its final inspection. Roof beams used in the project do not meet requirements around bearing capability. The beams must be removed and replaced with beams compliant with relevant building codes. The building owner sues the structural engineer who specified and approved the use of the beams.
Insurance Response:

The engineer’s Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover his legal fees and settlement costs.

A worker is seriously injured at a construction site. The building site is shut down while WorkCover investigates the incident. The building contractor contacts their insurance broker to coordinate claims:
Insurance Response:

The employer’s Workers Compensation Insurance covers the worker’s medical fees, lost wages, and rehabilitation.

The company’s Statutory Liability Insurance responds to costs relating to the Occupational Health and Safety Investigation.

Why Work With KBI?

When you work with the KBI Building and Property Team, you have years of insurance experience on your side. On your behalf, we can:

Perform a full assessment of insurance risk.

Create a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance programme tailored to your business needs.

Help you understand your insurance cover, including areas of exposure.

Provide your project’s leadership team with information around the potential insurance implications of their decisions.

We also step in to make the insurance claim process as smooth as possible. Our team will:

Contact the insurers on your behalf.

Make sure that you receive the full amount that you are entitled to.

Make sure that the process is quick and easy-to-understand.

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