What Essential Insurances Should Community Broadcasting Organisations Have?

Community broadcasting organisations have unique risks and should carry insurance policies that are tailored to the needs of this industry.

As a national leader for media insurance and the endorsed insurance partner for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA), KBI offers tailored insurance policies for the media and radio industry.


CBAA and KBI have partnered up to provide a tailored insurance offering to members.


Insurances you might require...

Tailored insurance product offering a number of beneficial coverage sections including Directors & Officers, Employment Practices, Crime, Statutory Liability and more.

Public Liability

A staple requirement for nearly every organisation, this coverage protects against claims made for property damage and personal injury to third parties caused by your negligent acts.

A must have for any organisation holding data or operating online, covers can include costs and losses incurred as a result of cyberattacks, incident response costs, business interruption, liability, and cybercrime.

Property & Equipment

Cover for broadcasting and transmission equipment, including outdoor broadcasting equipment, as well as laptops and other office contents.

Voluntary Workers

Coverage extends to protect your volunteers if they are injured while undertaking voluntary work for your association or not-for-profit. This cover can also be an additional layer of protection for the board.

Media Liability (including defamation)

Protection against defamation, copyright infringement, privacy concerns and more. Every CBAA member should consider media liability coverage.

Media Insurance

Media insurance is similar to a traditional Professional Indemnity policy, but includes coverage enhancements specific for the media industry. KBI and Chubb Insurance have created a robust policy for community broadcasting organisations with several unique benefits:

Comprehensive cover for defamation, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, harassment, and negligence (to name a few) resulting from your media activities.

Cover for all your content, mediums, and platforms, including all websites, newsletters, blogs, and social media platforms.

Cover for posts made on your social media platforms by others.

Tailored for scenarios involving confidential sources (claims not impacted by refusal to reveal identity of a confidential source or to produce reporter’s notes).

Unlimited retroactive cover to ensure you are covered for historic content.

Competitive premiums for members of CBAA.

Backed by Chubb, the worlds largest publicly traded property & casualty insurer.

Cyber Insurance

This is an important policy for all businesses and especially media organisations, but is often overlooked. Cyber Insurance offers comprehensive protection from a cyber-attack, including Emergency Incident Response, Business Interruption, and Privacy Liability.

It is common to think that your business doesn’t have any cyber risks, but we recommend that all digital media organisations ask themselves the following when considering their cyber risks:

•  Can I operate without access to my computer systems? Can I earn revenue?
•  Do I store sensitive information, such as contact information of subscribers or sources?
•  Do I know what to do if my systems are breached by cyber criminals?
•  Could a cyber criminal access my bank accounts?
•  Could I improve my cyber risk controls?

Cyber Insurance will help protect you against all of the above scenarios and can also help your organisation improve your defences against cyber risk.

For more information on Cyber Insurance, including a 3-minute video and several articles, please check-out our webpage here.

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What other policies should a community radio broadcasting organisation consider?

Corporate Travel Insurance

Annual combined Business & Leisure coverage while travelling around Australia or Overseas – includes coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation and baggage/contents.


Some CBAA members will own a vehicle or two, may broadcast from remote sites other than their radio station. It’s important to ensure that the motor coverage is suitable for the organisations requirements.

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