What is Bakery Insurance?

Bakeries are a complex operation with several different aspects to the business. This means that the risk areas for bakeries are also complex.

The key risks for a bakery will typically include your actual operations (machinery, stock, employees), the products you sell, your shopfront (contents, customers, money), and the risks attached to running a business (business interruption, management risk).

The insurances for a bakery can be simplified into one “Business Package”, but do you know what coverages you have and/or need? We have broken down each key coverage area below.

What Coverages Does A Bakery Need?

The insurance packages for bakeries can be tailored to include several important coverage sections.

Each bakery is different, and your insurance package should be tailored to your risks and business requirements. To find out what your specific risks are and what insurance coverage you should consider, get in touch with our bakery insurance specialists.

Property & Stock

Damage to your equipment, fit-out, stock, and raw materials from physical losses, such as fire and water damage.

Burglary, Theft & Money

Theft of your property, equipment, stock, and money.

Business Interruption

Cover for your lost profit and fixed expenses to keep your business afloat following a loss. This should include additional costs to keep operating while recovering from a loss, such as leasing out temporary locations or equipment.

Costs to repair or replace broken down equipment. This can include cover for spoiled food and business interruption caused by your equipment breaking down.

Public Liability

Injuries at your premises, like slip & fall of customers.

Products Risk

Illness/injury from your products, like food poisoning or broken teeth. For larger operations, costs to recall products should be considered.

Glass Cover

Costs to repair/replace broken glass at your premises.

Bakery Testimonials

The Annerley Kitchen

"The Team at National Baking Industry Association has been helpful in bring new insight for my business. We reached out to KBI Insurance one of NBIA recommendation partners, the team at KBI Insurance was knowledgeable, active, great customer service and gave us a great offer (we did compared with other insurances). Thank you!!"

Anne Pham
Owner Operator

Coff & Co

"Thank you NBIA for assisting with sorting out our insurance for the bakery. KBI Insurance were fantastic and saved us money by tailoring our insurance to suit our bakery."

Julie Carseldine
Owner Operator

Slow Dough Kiama

"As a bakery owner I know how to run the daily operations of my business. However, navigating the complexities of insurance is not fun, with so many options and details go through. That's why I'm grateful to have found KBI on my side. Their expertise in bakery insurance helped me explore available options and understand them clearly. They patiently answered all my questions and concerns, providing a tailored policy that fits my needs and budget.   KBI's quality service and fast response times made the whole process simple and hassle-free. I highly recommend KBI Insurance Services to fellow bakery owners seeking peace of mind and protection for their business."

Richard and Lucy King
Owner Operators

What other policies should a bakery consider?

Workers Compensation (State Dependent)

Injury to your workers.

Covers “management risks” like claims of wrongful dismissal, harassment, and health & safety fines.

Cover for cyber-attacks including emergency response, business interruption, and costs to fix systems.

Need help understanding the type of coverage you need or don’t know where to start?

Allow us to review your current coverage options.

Why work with KBI?

1. Assistance with the submission process

so the insurers have the necessary information to properly underwrite and quote.

2. Quote comparison

we help clients make an informed decision by comparing the quotes (including plain language) so clients know what they are buying.

3. Limit analysis

we can assist clients with providing additional information to help decide what are an appropriate limits on their insurance.

4. Insurer meetings

can improve the quoting process as insurers become more familiar with the company and the key executives.

5. Updated information

we focus on business insurance so we continually provide updates to our clients and contacts through our blog and newsletter.

6. Claims management

is crucial for business insurance policy holders. Our team not only has experience managing small and large claims, but we are a unique make up of senior brokers, lawyers and past ASX advisors, giving us a robust understanding of the process.

What’s Next?

Let us work with you on an insurance solution that best suits your business needs.

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