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Non-Compliant Building Materials

The Dangers of Non-Compliant Building Materials

If the topic of “Combustible Cladding” doesn’t leave you immediately excited, don’t feel like you’re the only one. We’re aware that this is not the most interesting of subjects (to say the least) but as a Strata Manager, Developer, or Property Owner, it is becoming increasingly important.

This subject has hit headlines recently, as the owners of a high-rise in Melbourne have just been hit with a huge $8.6M bill. It was declared that the current cladding poses such a severe fire risk that the Building Appeals Board ordered it to be replaced and the 470 apartment owners responsible for the cost.

This scenario presses home the need to have a thorough and detailed building inspection carried out immediately post build; it can be a very difficult and drawn out process to have the builders or developers rectify this situation if left too late. Also, highlighted by this scenario is the importance of installing compliant materials from the beginning as insurers are typically not responsible for the cost of replacing non-compliant materials.

There are some insurers who carry out post build engineering risk assessments on larger properties, with the cost included in the insurance premium. This can help prevent an unfortunate situation like the one at Lacrosse Tower.

For more details about the Lacrosse tower issues, see The Age article below.

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